April 04, 2012

April 4th: Is it really Garbage?

Is anyone here 'old' enough to remember Garbage?
If so you surely remember Shirley Manson's hottness? (I cannot belive I am using this word)

Anyway, browsing through google images and I can't help myself but think she looks like pervert  high profile fashion photographer Terry Richardson's favourite fuck buddy model and muse Lindsay Vixen. Have a look.

Shirley Manson in such a 90ies outfit it makes my heart sing and cry at the same time. via google

Lindsay Vixen. Is she ever doing any campaigns or is Terry Richardson the only person photographing her? via terry's diary.

Now spot the difference.

Anyway, here's the new garbage track.
The first few seconds sound like bad porno music. The rest is a bit too 90ies for me. (Oh I am well aware I sound like a d-bag when I say that)
 Did I mention I never really liked Garbage anyway?

Watch the video anyway, because there is some eyeball slizing going on.
Nom nom nom.