April 23, 2012

April 23rd: Bad karma, baby

There was this really strange moment in the supermarket today:
I went to get some bits and pieces after work and felt really run down and it seemed the ten or so other people felt exactly the same way. Then all of a sudden U2's "Stuck in a moment" came on and everyone around me, including me put down their baskets simultaniously and started singing silently.
It was one of those rare and very special "This song REALLY fits like a fist on an eye" - moments. I picked up my basket after that and went into the next aisle, where I passed a woman in corporate wear and heels and she peeled off her headband and shook her hair out, music video style, all while singing to the song.
I told Dan and he reckons it was scripted. It WASNT! It was for real and it was great!

Now onto more materialistic shit.

I FINALLY got my blue envelope clutch in the mail. If you have been following this blog, you might remember that I ordered them for my birthday from ebay for super cheap. Well, their obviosuly made from linoleum that is usually used on floors but you know what, who gives a rat's ass? They look pretty cool. Oh yeah, by the way, this leathery dude modelling them is GEORGE, practically part of our little family. He's Dan's MMA grappling dummy and my truest friend.
Has anyone watched American Horrorstory? If so can you see the simliarities between creepy latex suit guy and George?

Thank god George is a good bloke. Hopefully he never sees these humiliating photos, comes to live and kills me in my sleep with his leathery fists.

 Enough of the crazy talk.
Now go watch the whole first season of American Horrorstory (and don't let the fact, that it's from the co-creators of "GLEE" put you off. Not that I would. Glee is awesome)