April 21, 2012

April 21st: If you can't make it - fake it!

Here's  the deal: I will get a real pair, most likely when I get my tax back but with my rego bill and several other stuff constantly emptying my bank account I had two options: Wait until June or buy a fake.
It comes in quite handy that I work at a shoe shop and paid $ 38.49 for this fake.

I will most likely change the laces and put some white ones in (UNIF-Hellbound style) and further down the track (when I have a legit pair) buy some fake leather which I will stud and then attach it to the heel in a very unclassy way which will most likely involve lots of super glue and a big mess.

But until then, they will do just fine!

yes, I really am in love with my velvet pants
aaand of course another blue-tips shot. Because I love them so much I will even try to touch them up when they start to fade. The lazy fucker I am. And how great is that feeling when you wear something for the first time (in my case this sheer button up shirt) and one of the button falls off straight away. Screw you Cotton On! I didn't expect anything else though...

I was REALLY naughty just then and bought something I will show you next week.
Oh my....I never learn.

X and Pad thai. Have a great weekend.