March 27, 2013


...I create a "NEW IN" - post.

Did I hear lame?

I don't really care. I just finished my first Rush Fit - workout in 6 months and I had to feed my afternoon tea to the toiled bowl upon completion of round five. Great work out you guys. Thanks GSP, you muscly little French-Canadian turbo blaster. It wasn't pleasant but gosh I feel so skinny already for realsies (pinching muffin top as we speak)

Since I travel a bit lately I have been on the outlook for an appropriate backpack/weekender bag for a while now, but weekender bags are for adults (yuk). Safe to say there is a variety of  suitable and potential backpack partners out there for me.. Say whatever you want but the relationship between a backpack and a girl is a peculiar one. It's confusing to have the heavy weight of daily necessities distributed over two shoulders. Like, omg I am so NOT ruining my back right now. How FUN!
Also I like looking like a child.
via if anyone knows which blog this is off please let me know.

It's from Glassons by the way. I can't find it online anymore but there are still a few in store.
So you see the perfectness in this boxy little school girl number?

The magnetic buttons, the buckles just for show, the short straps which add a whole new level of infantile charm. Oh backpack.

There is no way I will be wearing this baby as relaxed as Mistery Lady in above picture. I will be strapping that shit on my like I was carrying 500 kt of pure gold in it, possibly engaging in a variety of good old school yard games while showing off the coolness on my back as proud as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle would its shell.

old school games. sneakily hidden exercise. I tried playing this at the beach once, possibly under the influence. What a fail.