March 12, 2013

When in Rome...

Just kidding.
If I was in Rome right now, gelato and pasta would come out of the majority of my orifices.

Instead I am in a surprisingly expensive Motel in a mining town in humid North Queensland, Australia, possibly just consumed 50 grams of Jelly Beans in one hit and am feeling a bit uncomfortable yet surprisingly indifferent about the fact that the bathroom blinds aren't working properly.

The tad of liveliness I have left in me today is concentrating hard on how to best prepare the wardrobe for an upcoming drop in degrees of the Celcius kind, hats with little ears attached and all.
Vero Moda sweater via Asos
Burgundy knit dress via
Image 1 of River Island Print Biker Jacket
River Island via

via Sportsgirl. This might already be sitting on my vanity.
River Island dress via Asos with a pair of knitted tights and leather jacket. Yes? Yes