October 26, 2013


HOOOOWWWW on earth is everyone going? Have you missed my semi-professional attempt of aligning words on this platform? I sure do hope you survived without me this month so far.
Life has thrown a few bumps in my road but I am steering around them as best as I can and seem to feel some creativity returning and space freeing up for FUN stuff like..uhm...living...and...eating honeycomb ice cream!

I think getting through a crisis creates the perfect opportunity to test out potential new hobbies, welcome some new quirks into your life and get rid of a few bad habits. Which is why I invite you to  have a look at these 


Learn to play a quirky instrument

Transport yourself to the shores of Honolulu or the South of France by learning to play a quirky instrument. Yes, this sounds like a horrible ad you'd find in the yellow pages, but it speaks the cheesy truth. I'm talking Ukulele, I'm talking French accordion, I'm talking Austrian Zither - the real goods of instrument heaven. I had a visitor over for the last four days and he was the main inspiration for my urge to pick up a Ukulele for cheap asap and start teaching myself with the help of one of the 476 000 youtube tutorials. He played one night after a long day's worth of work and other annoyances and I kid you not the smell of Hibiscus blossoms and salty ocean air filled my kitchen.

Teach yourself how to braid hair

This is something I've been meaning to learn for a long time now, but I always give up due to frustration and/or arm cramps. As one of my friends recently exclaimed, braiding involves too many individual tasks for a way too grande selection of fingers that need to be executed simultaneously and therefore is a doomed and completely unnatural task for a human being.
It is unfortunate I have long hair that compulsively sticks to my forehead whenever I break a sweat, and seeing as I reside in Queensland and do not deem shaving my head as an option, learning to braid will be an inevitable necessity this summer if I want to avoid said forehead-stickiness. Luckily the internet raised me so youtube once again provides a wide array of professional and semi-professional hair braiding tutorials, some of which are actually pretty simple. Also, there is such a thing as a Dutch braid, which inevitably makes me think of Dutch ovens. Ahh...we've all been there...
PS: This isn't addressed at just one gender. Braiding ain't a sexist activity.

Tweak your vocabulary

In other words READ, READ and READ! I guarantee you'll find it extremely intriguing and rewarding to have a conversation and switch up your usual vocabulary. I myself talk at light speed at work and have become a sponge for 'new' words to use in order to change it up a little. Because English isn't my first language, it gives me even more satisfaction to surprise conversational partners with unusual words. It's not about sounding like a douche or pretending to be a smart cookie, but more about breaking out of your vocabulary comfort zone and having some fun with language. I am a big fan of this facebook page and have just signed up for A.Word.A.Day.
Also a good tool for this: Listening to every Russel Brand interview of the last twelve months. One smart motherfucker. 

Get up early to fit in some fun

There are two reasons I like getting up early: For one I feel like I have a head start on the day, which automatically gives me a feeling of accomplishment. The other reason is that by the time it hits 8 o'clock, my work phone turns into Satan's pager and I bid farewell to my Yoga-ad well-rested calm self and welcome distress-riddled crazy balls-deep in work Astrid until 9 pm that same night. I have started walking my puppy at 5 am, so that he has the chance to expel some energy before he has to stay at home while we're at work. Needless to say getting some sun rays and fresh air before being locked up in mall after mall after mall is worth its weight in gold! When time allows I write or reply to emails in the mornings, do some research or look for inspiration online. I have breakfast with my love and most importantly I DON'T RUSH. Running late instantaneously puts me in the most miserable state, so I try and avoid it at any cost. Fitting those few pleasant activities into my mornings, way before I head to work, can be balm for my soul. You kick off your day with happiness, instead of dragging yourself from bed to coffee machine to car to your work place. By jam-packing your morning with stuff you actually like, you don't reduce your Monday-to-Friday to a purpose that is solely earning your rent. Don't take part in a culture that is miserable during the week and anticipates the weekend, then fears the week ahead on said anticipated weekend. You know what I mean...

For all the weirdos who hate walking, here are some alternatives for fun and fabulous morning activities:
  • Do static exercises whilst listening to relaxation music
  • or exercise like a machine if you prefer heavy sweating at 5 am
  • or simply stretch out after waking up
  • Read one chapter of a book and limit yourself to reading just the one chapter every morning
  • Prepare a fancy lunch and don't be afraid to use your oven
  • Skype family/friends on the other side of the globe (love this one!)
  • Write a gratitude list (c/o this babe)
  • Go outside to soak up some sun. Seriously, do it! Just for ten minutes! 
  • Browse pinterest for photos of your potential next travel destination (set a time limit of ten minutes)
  • Enjoy your breakfast by concentrating on the meal in front of you, instead of scuffing it down while watching the morning show (I am so guilty of this)
  • Practice juggling or get stuck into some other brain training activities (there is a huge offer online)
  • Learn all of these words cause they're awesome:

Whatever you choose to do, whether it's one of my suggestions or something completely different and ludicrous, remember to never stop evolving. Don't spiral down the work-eat-sleep routine and let life pass you by. You only get one shot!

Now excuse me while I go get some more of that ice cream...

(images via pinterest)