January 24, 2014

Let's talk clothes

Where to start? The button up flannelette shirt? The thong jorts over fishnet underpants? The chin length hair? The teeth flashing?
Maybe I just love this look so much, because it is the only one I could instantly recreate using preexisting wardrobe tenants. Due to excessive shedding in recent weeks I am also contemplating on giving that fabulous hair cut a go.  
A bedazzled Beyonce is a good Beyonce. I love this clip because South America is on my bucket list, dancing Samba in the streets is on my bucket list and wearing jewels on my boobs is right at the top of my bucket list. The clip is quite casual, but aids in making it all the more apparent, that Beyonce's less glamorous moments in life are still a LOT more awesome than yours or mine.
The jewel sparkly bralette from the "Pretty Hurts" video is badass - I want this shit in my wardrobe and I might even consider some DIY attempts. Not sure about the range of movement in this wicked workout outfit to the right - I can't think of anything worse than doing a cardio workout wearing a lycra catsuit, platform sneakers and a metal belt - but if it wasn't an over the top outfit choice for a mundane activity, then what would it be doing in a Beyonce video? I have mixed feelings about the 90ies black empress short haircut with water waves. She still looks fabulous albeit very pale in the "Haunted" video. What's with the almost white skin tone? The black weave in the "Grown Woman" video is fabulous and hot hot hot! I love the space warrior princess theme. Very refreshing!
So, let's talk about one of the more underrated songs on the album that is "Jealous". I feel weirdly empowered whenever I hear the line "Freakum dress outta my closet, Yonce's filling out that skirt, I look damn good I ain't lost it". But the real fabulous is the intricate blouse and high waisted corsage outfit, with the slicked back hair and dark lipstick. So many shades of good! "Partition" is a crazily awesome song and will push a lot of buttons, especially those of boring people who believe a woman is to ban her sexuality and suppress any urges once she's reproduced. No. Just no. "XO" is fun and heart warming and Terry Richardson did a great job capturing a very playful Yonce in an equally playful environment. He's still a creepy dude.
THIS! My favorite song and a true gem of a video. Can we just take a second and appreciate the abs and belly button piercing/body chain in the top right photo. This frame plays with masculine and feminine stereotypes and really stuck with me from the very first time I watched the album on my tiny iPhone. I also adore the hotel hallway walk, high heels off and butt cheeks out. Needless to say I love to sing my heart out to this song whenever I get a chance!
"Superpower" is one of these songs, that took me a while to get into. You know, there's always one song on an album that seems to be overshadowed by the more catchy ones, but once you have a closer listen, you realise its awesomeness. Same goes for the video. I didn't like the violence theme at first, so didn't watch the video until about two weeks after purchasing the album. What I discovered was a hyper-crop top that showed those perky apples, an amazing and tiny bandage dress with matching overknees. The true gem in this video is the mini Destiny's Child reunion and the amazing warrior make-up. I used to wear eyeliner like this through a filthy grunge phase and I am ready to touch base again with that version of myself.
Aaaand I saved the most controversial song for last: It's the "OMG she didn't just sing about a female enjoying oral sex on the receiving end" - song, that is ironically titled "Blow". Yes, that's why I can fully support Beyonce without feeling like a pop whore, because she sings about shit that noone dares to sing about. And while I acknowledge it's very playful and a little infantile and, yes the words "Vagina" or "Clitoris" don't actually get used, I find it pretty liberating to have a female in a position of power exclaim that women shouldn't just be on the giving end of the old oral sex game.
The video for "Yonce" is short and sweet, but that fringed under boob showing bra along with the cast of gorgeous supermodels makes it an experience.

SOOOO tell me men and women of this planet, which one is your favorite off the Beyonce album? Or are you a weirdo who's not at all into it? (Not judging but you must be crazy!!!)