January 11, 2014

Self titled

If you're frequenting this site regularly, you'd know by now that Beyonce is basically my black fairy godmother who raised me and taught me how to booty pop and partook in helping me to accept that there is a bubble butt joined to my equally voluptuous thighs.

I acquired the self-titled visual album within an hour of finding out about its existence, even breaking my self-imposed  "I won't ever use iTunes again" - ban. This mini series I posted above reassures me that all the emotions I've felt while immersing myself in these songs and videos are completely normal and justifiable and not a horrifying and irrational side effect of celebrity culture. 
Needless to say I, as a feminist, am grateful for the inclusion of a snippet of  Chimamanda Adichie's TED talk in ***Flawless, because force-feeding feminist media of this supreme quality to such a large audience is absolutely terrific, progressive and has never been done before by a pop star with such a tremendous following. I have to fight off tears of anger, frustration, but also pride when I hear Adichie put so eloquently and sincerely into words, what I have felt for a long time. I am not an African woman, I am nowhere near exposed to as many struggles as the women there living in an extreme patriarchal culture. I am privileged enough to live in the Western civilized world...but isn't it even scarier, that I've been able to relate to so many of her stories? Isn't it scary that a woman of power, influence and incredible wealth like Beyonce could relate to her enough, she featured her in one of her biggest and most memorable artistic projects yet? Give that a thought.

I spent 50 minutes of my first flight this year screen shooting some of the grandiose outfits of Beyonce's visual album and will dissect and share what I feel is worth dissecting and sharing. Just be warned that there WILL be fan-girlying of supreme proportions. I will also share a lot of feels and such...

Until then.
Watch Chimamanda Adichie's TED talk for some straight forward, non-irrational, humorist and honest information on everyday gender inequality.