May 08, 2014


Hi there my lovely readers.
I don't just owe you an explanation for my disappearance, I more so owe it to myself.
Life has been unkind these past few months and I've fallen off a pretty solid path I had so well evened out for myself. It has been a very tiring start to the year, no doubt. So much loss, days blending into each other with no real distinction, sadness, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed with work and having cravings for down time that never seemed to be enough. Once your mind starts giving, your body soon follows. There's the tiredness, the lack of drive, the dwindling of passions, the guilt of not being able to pursue what was once so important.

I've come to the end of this cold and lonely path and it's time for me to inhale what is left of myself and keep it in my lungs beyond suffocation point. I'm tired of being a corporate corpse and work being the sole reason for my existence.

So this is just a little memo to say I'm back and busting with post ideas that have been sparking in my brain cave for the past two months.
Thanks for sticking with me!
Here's to happy days ahead!