May 18, 2014

So...what was up in March then?

Here's to playing catch up, guys.
I need to be reminded of all the fabulous things that happened in the past two months. Let's start with March. OK GO!!!!

 In March I flew A LOT and took photos of fluffy clouds. I took Marlow for a million walks and loved it and even off leash (don't tell the council!) he doesn't leave my side for longer than 30 seconds. I ate black forest cake for my 24th birthday (I basically ate half that cake, yes), then went to see my absolute favorite band in the entire universe the day after my birthday. I know that one day I shall have a drink with Josh Homme. If it's the last thing I do. Ok, then went to a fancy sea food restaurant in Cairns right at the water front where I ate fish and chips out of a metal wire basket thingy. I also decided on a thigh tattoo motive, finally framed and mounted my Queens of the Stone Age limited edition super rare print, booked flights to Europe (eeeeeeepppp!!!!!), and realized my hair is getting long and awesome. And then I did squats. Millions of squats.
I hope all of you read Bret Easton Ellis' "Rules of Attraction" to get the utmost out of this last paragraph.

I also had the pleasure of exploring Toowoomba in March. The reason for my going there was work related, but I managed to squeeze in a bit of sight seeing one morning. Arguably there isn't 'much' there, yet so much to see. I went down the main inner city street and found myself lost in an alleyway full of graffiti art. There was a little coffee shop and hair dressers hidden amongst the colorful walls that seemingly melted into one another. The most outstanding piece of art for me was the tree house and elephant one above. Without displaying my own interpretations, I would love to know what it means and whoever made it seems like a person I'd enjoy having multiple beers with.

On a different trip I managed to see the Japanese Garden and the hertitage listed Empire Theater. The latter truly makes a travelers heart skip a beat - its architecture is magnificent! There is much more to see though and I always look forward to my trips back. The drive alone is something to see.

I am truly an opportunist traveler and believe there is potential for exploring and experiencing cool stuff everywhere you go, no matter if the place you find yourself in is a hyped travel destination in Western Europe or a small rural town in Queensland.

Keep your eyes and hearts open!