March 27, 2011

rainbow gathering

After going out and getting f'd up on my birthday with friends and Australian family, I had it tough this week at work. Man, was I tired. But it was worth it. We made fools out of ourselves, danced in 5 inch heels and got absolutely wasted. Still managed to get home 'early' and have drinks at home. 

The following week I got my husbands' presents, who is trying to feed my obsession with Studio Ghibli and "My neighbour Totoro". He got me walltes, slippers and collectables on top of my other birthday surprises I posted about earlier.
My in-laws got me, despite paying for pretty much everything during the night out, an amazing birthday cake and an absolute astonishing bracelet. I am usually not a big fan of "real" jewellery, mostly because I'm paranoid about losing stuff and because I can't afford it, but this bracelet is just made for me in its simplicity and sparkle. 
I had a blast with my sister-in-law and despite doing my hear (the world thanks her for making my awful regrowth disappear), a really nice studded tunic top and some floral stationary! I love stationary!! Makes me 
feel so organised!
Also Dan's nana made a crochet blanket for me in the most amazing colours. The privilege of getting a crochet blanket is usually exclusive to grandchildren, so I feel officially welcomed to the family!

The biggest surprise though came from my loved ones back home. I didn't expect a parcel or anything, I just knew there would be a birthday card in the mail. I figured out later this week that what my Mama called "card" was the pick up card for my birthday box at the post office. The excitement of going through my favourite Austrian sweets, magazines, DVDs and clothes, a fluffy blanket and heaps of other cooking ingredients I DO miss a lot, was indescribable. I am SO happy grateful for all my wonderful family and how they all have put thought into getting me something special, even though I didn't even ask for or want anything but their presence. 
I miss my family heaps and I also miss Austria and Europe but the people here (and SKYPE!!) make up for a lot. 

Thanks again to everyone who made this week so special. Thanks to my lovely family here who are always where they are needed, thanks to my family back home who I love and miss and can't wait to see again soon!!