September 10, 2013


Paging in from my teenage bedroom in Austria today, where I am currently keeping busy with a combination of dog padding and jet lag fighting.
I love a good jet lag every now and then - it's amazing how productive one can be, when the rest of the house is completely quiet.

I know this platform has been neglected a little these past few days, but let me tell it was mainly due to September kick starting with grandeur, adventures and a ton of sparkles! And yes I am completely disregarding the fact Tony Abbot is our new prime minister and hell will probably open up and consume feminists and homosexuals all AT ONCE! There have been a few positive changes in regards to my family life (which you would already know about if you followed me on instagram! There, click the button on the bottom of the page, dear friend!), pleasant restructuring at work and some other nice things that were done and did in the first ten days of what looks like a very promising month.

August, though, needs its very own spot light! It was a month of procrastination, and I would like to detach any negative connotations you might associate with the word 'procrastination' in this very context. I looked at a lot of pretty pictures, wrote a lot of pretty words, I moved my limbs a lot, I talked to interesting people and spent some of my hard earned dollars here and there and overall had a brilliant time living!
And once again I picked a few reasons why August was, indeed, a month to remember!


On the 2nd of the month I booked a return flight to Munich. I went way over my supposed max of 2 weeks off work because, hey, I really needed more time! Travel is such an exciting thing to look forward to and really does keep you going whenever you feel like spitting life in the face! Not to mention the prospect of seeing my family and friends, eating and drinking local food and shopping at places I used to shop at when I was 16 years old all are things to utterly look forward to. I did cry like a baby when I had to leave my better half behind but I know our next adventure together is just lurking around the corner!


This month I leg pressed more than my body weight, in fact almost twenty kilos more. I can't really explain the excitement I felt to anyone, who doesn't do weights or doesn't come from a background that is completely non-sportive like my own. I never used to believe my body was capable of being strong, lean and full of energy - years of feeling like a failure in PE class had taken their toll - and to watch myself do all these amazing things is probably the closest I've come to an out-of-body experience in my time. I also did an unassisted chin up for the first time in my life and I know September will be the month I will give a lifetime premiere at rope climbing! You better watch out!


After years of putting this off due to my phobia of insects and other stupid reasons, I finally  managed to create a little veggie patch. When I say "I managed" I mean Dan actually did most of the work while I...uhm...supervised I suppose? It was about 3 hours of kinda team effort to get a little patch set up and running so if you're planning on doing this by yourself, probably allow a whole afternoon. At this stage I don't even care if something actually grows, but I just feel so pleased with how we finally got around to doing something I have been meaning to do for such a long time!

4) AM

This interview is grande for its subtlety. The excitement for their Australian tour announcement ensues. Their new record is fucking amazing. I should get a fan girl tattoo.

5) Single(t) best

Albeit risking sounding like an ad I would like to declare that armed with two of these babies, Summer can't come quick enough! These are literally the most perfect singlets I have ever purchased. I am a sucker for backless anythings and love the casual way they fall in the front. Sexy yet unpretentious. Yes, it's just clothes but the lack of excitement I have felt towards garments lately needed to be compensated somehow! The brand is "Silent Theory", style name is "Fonda" and you can get them at Universal or Glue stores (or go online) and they're a steal at $ 25. Pair with boyfriend jeans, short shorts, thin strapped maxi dresses, tucked into skater skirts or high waisted jeans or garments of any other kind whose names I can't recall right now.
images via Westfield

6) Road trippin that I wish you saw

There is probably nothing I enjoy more on a day off than setting a destination but leaving the way in which we get there completely blank. I need equal parts of exploration and spontaneity in my life, in order to not go crazy and road trips combine both, with an extra portion of fun. Add a slurpee and some of Dan's new music discoveries and you will see me at my happiest.

7) The Intouchables

After intending to watch and then forgetting about it as you do when you're swamped with information, we stumbled upon this French masterpiece when searching through Netflix last month. At this point I would like to stress again how fucking amazing Netflix is - the amount of quality shows, movies and documentaries I have conveniently discovered since starting to use it is fantastic. Once you've watched a movie it will suggest you similar ones and that's really how you get the pop culture ball of marvel rolling.
But back to the actual movie it was such a charming, delightful, smart, politically incorrect, honest and realistic portrayal of what can only be described as a collision of two completely different world as intended by the universe. Wait, what? WATCH IT!


I vaguely introduced this artist this month, but the pleasure his creations give me warrant a listing in my August TOP 10. Shop Nick Sheeny's art here 


You should read this article over at XOJANE and then re-think everything you've ever been taught, shown or told about the concept of consent. Then teach your sons and daughters. Then cry about how horribly wrong our society treats sexual abuse victims. What did this article contribute, to make my August a little more awesome? Revelations flying at me like missiles after reading it. That's what it did. Bam.

10) Winter gone

With August being over it also means Winter is over for this year! Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. I can see myself whining about the heat and humidity in probably less than 60 days but until then, I shall soak up whatever cancerous UV rays I can get my skin exposed to and frolic in barely there clothes to the point of god damn darn arrest for whatever I care!
PS: Winter, you suck balls!

Ahhh be good in September and stay tuned for some Austrian style updates! My DSLR is with me 24/7 and while I might not do much more than eat, sleep, drink, shop and cuddle various people and animals, it should still stay pretty amazing around here! For more frequent updates follow me on instagram @astridapfelkern