September 28, 2013

Austria photo diary post

Yes, I am indeed the worst blogger in history but damn did I have a good time in Austria!
You know when you're just SO busy you don't even have time to like, shower, and stuff in between days - not that that happened A LOT while I was over there, but yeah...
I legitimately had around three coffee dates per day, an event or something we turned into an 'event' every second night, tons of shopping to do, tons of food to eat and litres of Austrian yeast beverage to put away, just to punish myself with squats and burpees afterwards, all within two modest weeks.
I drove on the right side of the road again, killing the manual car religiously and using the windscreen wipers in place of indicators (and vice versa) more times than I can count. I hardly took photos, which really just reflects how comfortably disconnected I intended this holiday to be and my digital highlight were puppy photos whatsapped to me once every couple of days. I didn't blog much, I hardly ever opened bloglovin and to be honest it was a nice change from artificiality.

I feel like September went way too quickly, and counting my posts for this month I am surprised I even still have that many page views, so a big thank you for letting the author here who loves to switch between first and third person in one sentence have a bit of a breather!

And for all the stalkers and list fetishists amongst you, here is both a list and a major insight into my personal life. Consider this a warm attempt at combining your two mild disorders, accompanied by low-quality instagram photos and lounge music you shall now start playing in your head: (...and GO!)

I ...
  • went hiking through Austrian forests and past beautiful crystal clear lakes
  • went on a Segway tour through an ancient Austrian town (castle and castle gardens incl.)
  • went to my cousin's wedding, which was a marvelous night fueled by illegal amounts of white wine and cheesy dancing to a band wearing Lederhosn
  • went to the stables to see my sister's beautiful horse and decided I should start riding again
  • went for runs with three dogs at a time (and most of them mistook me running for me wanting to play the "bite me in the butt" game)
  • was never without a drink on the four occasions I went out with my lovely friends
  • went to a birthday party and ate ridiculously good roast beef and rocket salad, followed by ice cream and Bombay Sapphire gin and tonics (partying in style, I know)
  • ate organic yoghurt out of recycled glass jars with fresh organic blueberries for breakfast, without having to spend more than $ 3.00 - the Austrian organic food offer is fantastic, not to mention almost all organic foods you can buy is competitively priced (some only 20 c - 50 c dearer than the same non-organic product) and comes in recycled/reused or biodegradable packaging - definitely one massive step ahead of Australia there. Also a fun fact: Cage eggs are banned in Europe and Austria was one of the first countries to enforce this ban!
  • picked herbs and vegetables out of Mum's impressive veggie garden
  • went shopping so often my suitcase wouldn't close upon leaving (whoops!)
  • indulged in Austrian Kaffeehaus culture and totally caked it up (six different flavors, ya'll!)
  • went on a hilarious road trip with my sober brother while being hungover as shit, listening to quality German and Austrian rap for 4 hours and completely over-thinking my taste in music
  • went to the MAC counter way too many times, Ruby Woo is MINE!
  • didn't give the old butt much of a holiday, but returned with a lovely jelly belly (which is the official symbol for "I had a wicked time")
  • went to a candle and organic soap factory with Mum and bought pomegranate soap that smells divine!
  • found the most perfect dress at Zara, along with three skirts and a blouse
  • bought amazing Nike Free Runs and lots of gym gear, but regret not having bought the classic "Swoosh" sports bra SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!!
  • ate a fantastic variety of dishes that contained carbofatdrates and carbofatdrates ONLY (see what I did there?)