November 12, 2013


Hi there. Hope you're having a lovely evening/morning/midday, wherever you might be from.
Thanks for stopping by again. I've been on hiatus for personal reasons, mostly because the universe decided to take a massive poo on my life, but I'm back and firing away at the key board.

I didn't want to write a "10 reasons" post about October, because October stank and the stink of it is still deeply embedded in my nostrils. I can taste it on my tongue. October, you sucked! BUT as the numerous self-help blogs I religiously frequent  preach: You're responsible for your own happiness! Having what you want won't make you happy, but wanting what you have will! You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf... and so on and so forth.

So after a few extremely tough days, massive writer's/creativity block and some nervous breakdowns, I finally decided to take down the depression curtains and air out my stuffy brain. I'm not going to forcefully track down 10 reasons this month, but will gratefully make do with half that number.

October, you weren't great. You were one tough motherfucker to be precise. But you were full of lessons, revelations and opportunities for growth. And to be fair there was SOME fun stuff and one pretty great concert:


Holy shit balls is all I can say. Please refer to my previous post, for a more detailed description of concert awesomeness. I most certainly learned one lesson that night: "Whatever you do, be more like Beyonce"

A co-headlining tour featuring Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails was basically a pinnacle of my month. Well, it was announced in September but pre-sale commenced on the 10th of this past month, and I sure as hell got in as quickly as possible and snatched up two tickets. They're playing a day after my 24th (!!!) birthday, almost exactly 10 years after I first bought a QoTSA record. It's a sign, people.

As announced previously, we've started a veggie garden and - aside from a few casualties thanks to our puppy - have managed to keep alive herbs and seemingly exponentially growing tomato plants. Nothing will ever beat my mum's Austrian homegrown summer tomatoes I enjoyed this September but ours can definitely give them a run for their money! Looking at how little effort it takes to grow your own food, I finally see so much potential in any and all small patches of dirt.
Grow food, not lawn peeps.

I had an encounter with a lady this morning, both of us walking our dogs, but hers being as calm as a tree in the wind and mine being the crazy ass puppy that he is. She reassured me that it gets better (edit: I love my puppy, but sometimes he drives me INSANE!) saying the first year with her dog (his name was "Atlas" - hands down coolest name for a bull dog), was like hell. Seeing the old fella standing there, taking all the shit he had to from my intense and over excited puppy, it gave me a lot of hope! I also started puppy school this month and, not wanting to brag or anything, Marlow has been THE star pupil and even won a handful of silly in-class competitions. Did anyone say proud mama?

Ahh of course October harbors Halloween, which is always a fun thing to look forward to. I went to a party at a friend's house dressed as the evil possessed nun from "American Horror Story: Asylum" and had a blast (albeit running on 4 hrs of sleep and making it an early night). We got many trick or treaters this year, some of them in the cutest costumes, all of them super well behaved and polite, one of them even treating us (ahh...I just can't help myself) to a Halloween joke. There might be hope for the younger generations after all. (read: some capable parents still exist)

So yeah, this was it for my October. Sorry for the lack of posting and high levels of sarcasm.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel everyone. I, for one, am looking forward to a better November with more quality writing (than this...uhm.). The amount of interesting and awesome photos/articles I've flagged and taken screen shots of should give me enough material to post, like, every day for the rest of November. Sounds like a challenge to me?