November 13, 2013

Conor Backman - Hotel room art, only good.

Hotel room art really is something else. It sums up the quality and rating of the entire hotel. Right now I'm staring at a green/yellow canvas with five stick-like acrylic palm trees painted on it. It's one of the better hotel room canvases I've seen. You know that feeling of mild anxiety before you enter a hotel room in an unfamiliar environment? Is it going to be clean? Gross? Mouldy? The mattress actually a nail bed? And most importantly: Are there free biscuits on offer? After many fails (one particular disgusting yet expensive hotel room in London 2011 gave me the final blow), I've taken to researching a little more in advance and decoding some of the misleading photographs (some of them are strictly hilarious!) BUT hotel room art is just one of the things I like to wallow in when I first observe a new temporary home.

Colour studies via