February 18, 2013

Adventure time: "Can you keep a secret?"

I have this inbuilt restlessness that makes me feel extremely uncomfortable when I happen to not leave the house for a certain amount of hours. You know those people that get moody and angry when they try to be lazy? Yep. I am one of them. This feeling if uselessness and wasteful handling of precious time is such an overpowering one, that even when I am sick or really run down I feel like HAVING to do something. Maybe I should see a doctor about that... HA!

Anyway, at least this sense of restlessness gets me around the place on a regular basis and so it happened that I ended up in this gorgeous Haus of vintage (it is an actual house!) yesterday afternoon.

They have a facebook page and turns out the ladies are organising a great variety of events on a monthly and weekly basis (dinner parties at the boutique...great stuff!)
Sounds like a frivolous and frankly fantastic life style! (The new F-word is frivolous, guys!)