February 01, 2013

Decade mash up

Only two days ago I talked about how the 80ies sweater is back to make us all look extremely out of proportion, but here I am today talking about how the 90ies are back and they are back for good. Fark.

I can still remember when my sister insisted on getting these dreadful creatures to frolic around in:


Sneaker   (see more platform sneakers)

That was in the 90ies.
Please, everyone made mistakes in the 90ies.

It wasn't until a couple of days ago when I oh so happened to scroll through my instagram feed, very unamused I may add, and stumbled upon these giants, that I realised the 90ies. Are. BACK! And worse than ever!!!!

via Solestruck - $ 599 and SZ 5 - 7 were sold out within 5 hrs of solestruck posting this on their instagram. What is the world coming to?

Here is my problem: The only aspects of our lives that really seem to progress are scientific ones. We have this mash up of decades in fashion and pop culture at the moment, it really makes me wonder why there isn't a particular style for our time? Why do we have to source inspiration from the past, rather than from the present? Why is there this stagnation of progress in culture, music, art and fashion?  Why the fuck are we thrift shopping (What what, what what?) when we could make things that are DIFFERENT ourselves? Why lurk around in the past?
Why do the 90ies come back? Why does anything ever have to come back?
Have we as humans reached our potential in regards to creativity? In regards to reinvention?
Because right now we live in a society that praises the one person that can rip off someone else the best. Boo.

I do understand the soothing feeling one might experience when something from a different stage of their lives comes back and is to be seen everywhere. To me it simultaneously looses its sacristy. It's like someone writing a poem and another person taking it completely out of context, by presenting it to their bogan partner on a nasty low-budget talk show on a Wednesday morning.
You get my point.

The only thing I can really accept as passable is this song.
This song and no other one.

I have dissected the video too and will post the outcome sometime this month.
There is just so much in there...it's insane!