February 08, 2013

Future feature fantastique

I have been thinking a lot about where I would like to go with this blog for the upcoming year.
It needs a revamp as much as my motivation and passion for it does - I hardly ever blog on time these days and this is mostly (fully) due to my own lack of interest in ANYTHING at the moment, as well as being short on time like...all the time.

Fashion will still be a part of it, but I feel it needs more variety. And let's be honest: Even though I enjoy fashion, I do tend to roll my eyes at a lot of the trends/copies of trends that are currently flooding the shops, as well as the people who mindlessly buy anything and everything deemed 'in'.
Also pricing is a factor and while a lot of bloggers have the financial assets, they also get sponsored a lot. Neither of that is currently part of my life and I also feel a refreshing urge to get rid of a lot of clutter, not accumulate more.

So here's the deal: I want to concentrate on life. Yes. Life. Unspectacular, I know. And kind of a broad spectrum ("Isn't fashion a part of life?" Uhm. Yes. But not the ONLY one).
I want to write about stuff that influenced me and influenced other people (feel free to contact me for any requests). I want to introduce new features to this blog, a few of them I have already roughly outlined, one of them will actually start this week (Stay tuned!). This might mean I won't be able to blog daily, but I am already stupidly failing at this so the losses there will be minor.

Once I have reconciled with my charger I will also take up a little bit of real DSLR photography again and give my smartphone camera a break. (Giving up instagram though? NEVER!) 

I am looking into starting a few interesting courses and classes and will start traveling a little bit more around my own neighborhood, a place that is still kind of strange and new to me. It's interesting how I never really gave this city the opportunity to introduce itself to me. There are so many places I only discovered form traveling so much for work (after 2.5 years of living here), but that I have yet to explore. Considering how little time and money it takes to explore and make memories (compared to a visit to the mall), I am baffled as to why I don't do this stuff more often.
Travel has turned me into a completely different person, but even with being in just the one location the possibilities of self-exploration and, you know...putting yourself out there are pretty much endless.

So yeah.

random photo of the crystal dome at the Swarovski museum in Austria. Love that place. It's a sparkly masterpiece, although seeing your reflection in a million facets is bound to make your go a bit weird. Put a visit on your to-do list!