February 21, 2011

The time of your life

Between thousands of comic books Dan can call his own I found this one and I liked the artwork. It's not the actual artwork of the comic but shows inbetween chapters as well as on the front and back cover.
I have no idea about comic books so can't tell you anything about it - searching on google seems cheap to me, as I know I only have to ask the boy for some information and he'll passionately provide the knowledge. On top of that I have to go to this job interview in two hours and need to recall my strengths and weaknesses and remember all the

this picture is actually part of the comic - it's the last picture - the artwork in this one is very different to the one in the rest of the story - I noticed that in a lot of comic books the artwork changes as the story heads towards significant points. And I shall call this post: benefits of being married to a nerd!