February 12, 2011

treat yourself

Long time no see.
My situation hasn't changed yet. I'm still trying to find a job, am applying for everything from office jobs to retail shite, but I have decided to not get frustrated over the whole thing as it only harms my figure (chocolate!) and mental state but on the other hand side does no good whatsoever.

I got to treat myself though with a bit of jewellery the other day. I forgot how amazing Sportsgirl is, because the place I do my shopping at only has a little store and they only have shitty clothes and accessoires, so I don't even tend to go in there anymore, but the Brisbane city shop has never disappointed me (at least not until I see the price tags).
I just tried to imagine working at Sportsgirl and wonder, how much employee discount they get. Even if it was 50 % (which I am SURE isn't the case) I would probably invest half my wage on clothes there.

These rings might look uncomfortable, but you're actuallty only a bit limited in your finger movements. I love the knuckle ring sort of look. Oh, and I love the fact that cross jewellery is back in fashion. Last time I wore a cross necklace was when I was about 14. It's return was about time!