February 15, 2011

Granny panties

Last week I figured I am an addictive person.
I never used to smoke, but when I started I was up to 30 plus cigarettes a day within two months. I stopped after about 10 months and I sure went on to another obsession that I can't remember at the moment.
Whenever I find a new activity that I am interested in, I get into it. I mean FULLY into it. I remember being obsessed with reading CD reviews on sputnikmusic.com. I used to browse through the site and search for music reviews of CDs that were several years old, just to see wether the guys at sputnik liked them or not.
Then there was cooking. Quiche. Cooking that frigging feta quiche was my fix.
Then there was watching movies that had Seth Rogen in it, just for the simple reason that I couldn't go to sleep without watching a lame movie full of lame stoner jokes.

Another addiction I slipped into was watching "Laguna Beach - The real OC" when I got my hands on the first two seasons. And even though this addiction didn't last too long (yes, I am unemployed and yes, I watched a season per day), it was the source for yet another short-term obsession. There is one episode in which these blonde girls with bleached teeths do a jigsaw puzzle. Yes, a JIGSAW PUZZLE!

Off I went, spending $ 4.00 on a puzzle and didn't manage to keep my hands off it for the next 4 days. I finished it and it's now sitting on my lounge room table, waiting for its day of destruction. 1000 pieces of pretty much the same colour were a c*nt to put together and that makes it even harder to take it apart and put it back in its box. After spending so many hours together, bidding farewell willl take another while!