February 14, 2011


 I used to hate Valentine's Day just for one simple fact: I never had boyfriends around that time, not even a crush. Acutally, thats a lie. I had two, both of them were scumbags and never got me anything. They probably didn't even care to give me a ring.
Let's have a toast for the scumbags....thank you Kanye.

Anyway, even though I'm not a big fan of spending heaps of money on presents, the thought of being the only girl that day that doesn't get flowers or even just a card is so damn depressing. I guess it's simply because it is a day that's dedicated to your partner and if you don't have one it's sort of frustrating - not because you are alone and that automatically frustrates you or makes you less complete or anything (I mean, god, I used to be the anti-commitment in person, my plan was to get married in my late 30ies!), but because people rub it in your face and somehow couples pop up everywhere. It's negative awareness of you not being in a relationship at the moment.

Anyway, this time last year I was living in Brisbane as well, but in an eight bed dorm in a hostel full of Scousers and Southerners and I got a Valentine's card that was acutally an advert for the movie "Valentine's Day", saying "Happy Valentine's day, Astrid Fritzl" - the Fritzl being quite a  controversal reference to my home country. Three days later I met my husband.

And now see what expected me this morning!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!!