February 19, 2011

a frame filled with emotions

I went job hunting yesterday and it turned out to be great! After being turned down for a position as a receptionist at a photo studio (which I thought would be IDEAL for me) I sort of lost hope and motiviation, but after yesterday's success I'm totally back in the game.
I hope to be able to work in fashion retail for the moment. There's a manager position at this fashion jewellery store that I really like. I went there and bought a necklace and a ring and when I went for my wallet I put down my stack of resumes that I was carrying around. The girls at the counter asked me if I was looking for a job and if they could get one of my resumes. How motivating? They are asking ME for resumes, on a day I spent begging people to take mine.

That was probably the most positive of my experiences yesterday.
Keep your fingers crossed, guys!

Of course I haven't lost my aspirations yet and I think that working in retail, with fixed hours and no late shifts (like hospo, uargh!), will enable me to continue doing some journalism and photography stuff as after-work activities too.

I also got my first paid journalism job! And it's a monthly project! Bliss!

Anyway, to share some of my 'new found glory' I'll introduce you to two of my favourite photographers:

Bill Brandt

 Robert Doisneau

Oh, I could get lost in Doisneau's parisienne love story. And Brandt's play with unusual perspectives and subtle nudity is something a guy like Richardson has never heard of.