February 27, 2011

A day off

When you're unable to work for such a long time, every day seems the same. You get up, you do some housework, you end up in front of the TV or computer, you might even go for a walk down the servo or have a stroll around the shopping center. Then you get home, cook and eat dinner, wash the dishes and end up in front of the computer or TV or read a book (in front of the TV or computer). You don't feel the urge of going to bed early or late, cause you know next day is going to be the same story again. There's nothing to get up early for, there's nothing to get up late for.

As for today it's my first day off from work since Tuesday and despite my blisters I feel like a fish that was poured out of an aquarium into the ocean. I still get trained but will be the assistant manager of a 'famous footwear' - store by next saturday. YES, footwear! A footwear store whose target group are young women with low budgets. It's like it was ment to be. And although I am a bit sad the girl I am replacing is leaving, because she is an amazing teacher and a good person to hang out with, I can't wait to see what's coming next. (Paycheck?) :)

Anyway, my first 'first day off work' won't go to waste in front of the TV or computer, I'm gonna go take out my camera, my husband and myself and hopefully we'll end up in an adventure that makes Indiana Jones look like the bondi vet.