July 17, 2012

July 17: Thights Tuesday

Oh la la, je suis paresseuse
I am boring and I am bored. Currently surrounded by all my possessions in boxes, I feel like screaming a bit. Thankfully my mum can cheer me up in a matter  of seconds. I also am rather fond of yelling out the dog's name during a Skype session so the poor little fluffball gets all excited but extremely confused.
At least that way I know the monster still remembers me.

And because it's tights Tueaday (?)  another (!!!!) Instagram shot of my thighs wrapped in cheap but chique Nylon thread.
I swear people, when I have my computer back I will stop this shallow shit poating and go through my last 20 posts to sort out all these typo bastards for you. Until then, stay tuned! We can overcome this draught together!!!! xxx and cinnamon spice