July 31, 2012

July 31: A spike headband

WOW! It's August tomorrow!
Time has litteraly flown and I don't even know what I have spent the last 7 months on.
I guess blogging chewed up a whole part of my time, but that was always pleasure and never pain!
The older I get the more I start reflecting on life and how I live it at the end of each month. It's a feeling that I never used to know when I was a kid. A feeling of "time is running out". Something your parents keep talking about when they look at old photos. That feeling you cannot relate to, because you're only 15 and you want to go out clubbing and get drunk and meet boys you can drive crazy. Then all of a sudden you hit your early twenties and you start freaking out and thinking "Why didn't I travel the world before I became this adult with a bucketload of responsibilities on my shoulders?" etc...
Sometimes I feel George Bernard Shaw was right when he said youth was wasted on the young...

But you know what, at 22 my life is hopefully far from being over and even though there is still a lot on my to-do-list, I am very content. Let's face it: You can plan on sheding kilos and getting rich and finally starting your own business, but in the end that's not what counts. What counts is looking back and not regretting a thing. Especially not the stuff that was challenging and took guts to do. But also not the lazy times, the times you sat around in your pyjamas all day and didn't even brush

eth because all you wanted to do was watch re-runs of and eat peanut butter.
I grew up in a very work driven family, my mum and dad started their own business when I was a tiny little bean and I always knew that without hard work you get nothing in return. It's the only way to succeed. Noone is going to give you anything for free so you gotta get your butt working. That attitude has helped me to get ahead in life SO much, but it also has its downsides. I find it extremely hard to relax. Oh my...first world problems, I know...

I look back and my days and evaluate my productivity levels (obviously without a chart but still in a very controlling kind of way) and feel bad about myself, if I haven't done as much work as I was expecting I could get done. Or wasting a whole evening in front of the telly. I can't stand it and I go to bed feeling unaccomplished and underchallenged.

Do you guys feel this way sometimes?

Ah well..anyway. I will go and watch some Teen Wolf (aka most amazing tv show of the year) and feel happy because I have just ordered THIS off eBay for not even $ 3.00.
image via ebay

Yay life.
See you again in August. CRAY!!!