July 09, 2012

July 9: Flights booked

What a pain in the ass but yes-flights are finally bookes and thank you Mum and Dad for always paying for my expensive as long distance flights. I know I should've at least chosen a country that is within driving distance to live in BUT I chose otherwise and having parents who support that decision is pretty darn amazing. I love you x 1000.
Now it's time to count down the days until I can enjoy all of these awesome things:
  • Dining out and ordering Cranberry Kombucha and not feeling like vomitting when asking for the bill
  • Getting shitfaced with my bro
  • Watching my Nana and Dan communicate without knowing what either of them are saying
  • Listen to my parents quarrel
  • Listen to my parents sweet talking
  • sitting in the back seat of my Dad's car and fearing for my life
  • Laughs with my sister
  • Snuggling up with Cookie the dog
  • Having long chats wih my besties
  • Loving life without work and in the house I grew up in