July 30, 2012

July 30 - 2: pastels on bleach blondes

Blondes are out. Let's face it. We are not the number one sex objects of the stereotypical man anymore. Brunettes are the new blondes and even though there was only a shift in sexist behaviour and the sexism is still making me ill,  I am quite happy to catch a break. A couple of years ago I went from super bleach blonde to a darker shade for the simple reason that I was craving more respect. A respect society withheld from me solely because of my hair colour. Yes, I was totally considered a dumb blonde and I had enough. Now I am thinking: Why did I give in? And I am planning a comeback :)

BUT since my addiction to pastel dip dye is about to awaken to new life, I am yet to decide wether to go with colour or bleach.


I know most of you will think: Go pastel! ..and since this is a trend that I'll probably only get to enjoy for another season and it is only a matter of time until work will stop tolerating fairy floss hair, it was an easy decision. I actually ordered two tubs of Directions off eBay. Here's the colour chart. Now it's your turn to guess which two I picked!?!

 Hint: One of the colours is SO easy to guess, it's in row two. The other one is in row four (fttb)