July 26, 2012

July 26: I am back babes

Oh I've missed you guys. I hate not having imaginary friends to talk to. I am currently recovering from a quasi nervous breakdown since moving is a cunt and I am a bit of a freak in terms of wanting to know where all my belongings are. Five days after it was last seen I am still looking for my foundation and Clarisonic. People ask me if I'm ill and I respond that in my head I am, very much so. Yes yes. The kitchen hasn't been tested yet since half of it isn't working. Reason enough to rely heavily on takeaway and it was Day 5 yesterday that I had fried food with fries for dinner. My body tells me to stop this horrible abuse by giving me the
old apple crumble face and jiggly wiggly thighs. I could have put this whole story in one short sentence: Moving is the most unpleasent experience and I urge you to never go through it, for the sake of your health and sanity. On the upside I now am the temp owner of a shoe cupboard. Hooray!!!
I have decided to make up for the last week of not posting. First of all I gotta do this really annoying and time consuming stuff though (work) and then I'm all yours. xxx and thanks for sticking around!!!!