December 16, 2012

December 16th: Take off your pants and jacket

I forgot to mention I had Blink 182 tickets for March. My husband is kind of a genius crossed with a lucky cat.

Anyway, I am actually trying to make a witty reference to how incredible FARKING hot it is in Australia and how much I would love to dispose of clothing items in general (unless someone is sewing up a microfiber super sweat-absorbing bodysuit for me in this very moment). Since I am not part of a tribe in the South-East Asian rain forest society expects me to clothe my body in fancy fabric. I still decided to ditch the conventional old padded bra for something a little lighter, a little fancier in colour (fancying the word "fancy" today, are we?). I opted for lace bralettes. Whoo hoo.
And yes, while they might support the old "pointy boob" aesthetics, at least they cannot be held accountable for sweaty boobs. Every.

I decided on the two most discreet colours ever perceived by the human eye.