December 21, 2012

December 21st: Bullshit makes me angry

This response to Jenna Marbles' video about "sluts" 

I don't really understand the hype about her person and her videos. She isn't really eloquent or particularly smart and her middle class high school education level opinions on pretty serious stuff are really just wasting people's brain juices. No even worse, they feel their narrow-minded way of looking at stuff (especially gender-related) are approved off and completely justifiable. Fuck off Marbles. Go and have a cry about all the girls who enjoy casual sex and don't feel the urge to "get to know a guy who can take care of them". What a load of bullshit. 

Favourite quote of the article:

" let go of this notion that we, as women, have a specific behavioral line to toe in order to be treated as human beings deserving of respect and agency is to reject everything you have ever been told about what a “lady” is."

Definitely a new go-to website for thought provoking articles on how wrong society treats women.
Check it out!