December 25, 2012

December 25th: Presents

Trying to caress my aching body today. I have done nothing but re-merching stores over the last week and am officially over it.

Thankfully Dan hasn't decided to leave my over-worked never-at-home arse just yet and has showered me with awesome gifts this year.
 This Totoro music box is most likely going to be the only present I ever shed a happy tear over. Including my unborn children. It platys the title song and the umbrella and little spirits move up and down.

Also super amazing is the 50 dvd Ghibli collection I got as an early Xmas present. Most of them are Japanese with English subtitles. I am sure I'll be fluent by the time we visit.
And I also got a tablet which was supposed to be my electronic organiser but has since been used for basically everything but work related purposes (or blogging..).
Merry Xmas!!!