December 05, 2012

December 5th: Pets

Today's dominating thought: Why do dysfunctional couples try to save their shitty relationships by buying various pets together?
What hormone does 'sharing' a pet release in people's brains? Is it a fake "we have a baby together" - kind of feeling? Is it the taking care of something together - thing, that creates these artificial bonding feelings? 
Who gets the pet, when the inevitable break up happens?
What is going on with people? How should a parrot save your marriage? Or a smelly ass cat? Why make it their fault? They're just innocent creatures. And they smell.
Think about it.
Yeah, you might be cute. But the way your skull is shaped can't be healthy, dude.

My life is SO crowded at the moment, I need a break.
This time next week I will be frolicking around St Kilda beach and enjoying Melbournian goodness.

Until then, bare with me as I slowly go insane.

Yours truly,