December 26, 2012

December 26th: Boxing Day madness

It baffles me why people would voluntarily enter a shopping centre on Boxing Day. Don't they realise it's just a scammy sale retailers put on to get rid of all the shitty stock noone wanted to buy, all while tricking people into buying lots of full priced stock? The dynamics that Boxing Day sales create are scary and quite frankly show the lack of individuality and extend of peer pressure our society is suffering from. I don't mean to sound like a dickhead, but is it really that horrible to miss out on a sale? Can people NOT live happily without crowding their lives with shit they don't need and just buy because they see a red price tag and a horde of other people wanting it?

In Austria the 26th is a public holiday. Yes, that means all shops are closed. We spend Boxing Day with our extended family, having a few drinks and copious amounts of homemade Xmas cookies and talk about old times and look at old photo albums and laugh and cry and think of everyone in our family that couldn't be with us anymore and make memories for life we can share with our unborn children.

Maybe it's time to think about why we distract ourselves from all the meaningful experiences in life and choose to consume instead.