December 31, 2012

December 31st: Full year down

I did a full year of blogging and while I was a lazy sloth in September, I managed to at least create a post for every day.
Thanks for reading everyone!
Don't forget to write a gratitude list for 2012. People always make resolutions but totally forget about the amazingness the previous year brought into their lives. It's all about being grateful and aware of greatness around you.

A little super basic round-up of my year.



flew to Melbourne to see Alexisonfire's last ever Australia gig and to enjoy the city for a few days
went to the beach for what was only the 2nd time this year - and this was YESTERDAY!!! :D Got a resolution right there.

went to my first work Xmas party and well..the cliches are true!


Dan as Ferris Bueller totally stole the show on Halloween. I was Daria. Lol.

In September I went overseas for two weeks and made the most of my spare time. I also dressed in a different colour than black for once. It was quite a daring experience. Ha! I also got promoted from sales assistant to area manager. Stoked.


had my photo taken with two of the most successful porn actresses :D


Celebrated two years of awesome times and awful photos with this one


found an almost identical copy of a sweater my Dad bought in the 80ies and that my parents used to share (cuties). I claim it still exists.


joined instagram and started a hair colouring frenzy

kind of had a weird obsession with this photo


Classy birthday in March with my robot friend

post travel come-down and chill out. the only thing I miss about our old house is the back patio


I saw my family (in real life!!!), I traveled parts of Europe, it was a pretty great start to the year.

I visited Prague with Dan
Dan and I explored Venice

I went to Berlin where Dan and I got to see our long lost former housemate Jase.