June 06, 2013

Back. Hi!

Yeah well. It has been an extraordinary good day with a PT session (yes, I started, more about this in tomorrow's post though), some good food, good movies and of course excellent company.
I feel accomplished without being completely exhausted - a totally new feeling.

So what's planned for June? Besides major seasonal confusion that's going on in my body (is it Summer? No it's actually Winter! But it's June?!?). I am still computer less (after two months!!!) so formatting is still a nightmare, but I have a lot of ideas brewing and articles in the making. It's just a matter of getting my head in the right space and avoid feeling sorry for myself (surprisingly enough my brain does not seem to have problems identifying winter depression).

Oh yeah, and having a PC to type the fuckers out without thumb cramps would be an advantage too. You hear that, JB?!?!? Pack of incompetent losers. I hate you. HATE YOU!! GRRRRRRRRRRR

And on that note:
Good night.