June 12, 2013

I Am Feminist

Caption to the left says: Committed suicide because she showed her boobs on the internet and slept with a complete stranger who also had a girlfriend, which kind of makes it her own fault. It's all over the media.

Caption to the right says: Committed suicide because he was born ugly. Not his own fault. Noone cares.

Large caption on the bottom says: How sick actually is this world we live in?

No caption ever says the following: The girl was a minor, she was only 16. She took a photo of her boobs because a guy requested it and then blackmailed her with it, creating fake facebook accounts and following her around the state, stalking her and threatening her. Her peers and friends blamed and shamed her for an action she was too young to even think through, unlike the guy who to this day is still alive and not in prison for blackmailing, stalking and inflicting psychological harm that ultimately led to suicide.

I removed the girl who reposted this on facebook from my friends list.