June 07, 2013

Lady problems?

If you have been following a few recent feminist movements you will know that there is a #fbrape campaign as well as a massive debate about rape and victim shaming going on. There is also a feud between feminists and comedians who use victim-blaming rape jokes.
I have been collecting a ton of great articles and my own is in the making as well. I will be diving face first into a lot of feminist topics this month, mainly because my sensitivity levels have never been higher and the feelings of anger and frustration are chewing me up unlike ever before.
Last Sunday I found myself feeling violated by what I had researched on the facebook rape campaign. The images of dead, raped and beaten women and girls stuck with me and still do and while I have this all-consuming need to spread the word and put my opinion into text, I have to deal with the terror and disgust I am feeling first.

If there is one thing I have learnt since publicly spreading the word of feminism it is that irrational thoughts and arguments need to be left at the door. There is no way one will ever win an argument or at least earn some understanding from another human by being an irrational, emotional fuck tard.

So yeah...