June 13, 2013

On rape jokes

Hey there lovely.
Did the headline intrigue you? I think it's an excellent way to enjoy your afternoon tea just that little bit more.
But seriously now.
I have mentioned that there are going to be links to interesting articles on the feminists versus rape joke telling comedians debate. Victim blaming rape jokes, that is. Not the "(S)He couldn't rape you because (s)he can't even find the sex hole blah blah blah" type jokes. We're talking about jokes like "She's so ugly she wouldn't even get raped in prison" type dealy. Jokes that create a positive flair around rape and make it sound like a privilege for women to be rape victims. Like we should be flattered to be chosen by a male for violent unconsented intercourse.

The natural response from comedians is of course a ridiculous one. They are outraged by feminists trying to blame the increase in rape cases on comedy, something people have used for centuries to deal with traumatic experiences by laughing about them. There is also the big fear of censorship. One cannot censor comedy. It's simply outrageous that one could attempt to point a finger at it, because everything goes in comedy.

The aspect of trivializing rape, by telling jokes that ridicule the women who have gone through this experience, is not taken into consideration by the comedians that are strongly involved in this debate. Of course, it's always easier to go with the flow and jump onto the "censorship" bandwagon than dealing with a completely valid point the opponent has made.

Another thing I absolutely love is the fact that the dumb public likes to give their unsolicited opinion on the topic.
No wait, they didn't even tackle the topic, they just wanted to get the following things off their chests:

These are tweets directed at Lindy West, who is a contributor to the feminist website Jezebel, after being in a debate with comedian Jim Norton on the issue of rape jokes.
You can read the full article jam packed with more moronic tweets from obviously highly challenged boys.

Not only did they completely miss the point of the debate, they also proceeded with making comments on West's appearance and how they would like to hate-fuck her and how noone would even want to rape her. Intimidated by a smart woman much? Could they really not think of a better way to voice a different opinion?
Seriously, social media is the biggest mistake we have ever made. Some people just shouldn't have a voice.

But moving on there is indeed one article that helped me return to normal life without wanting to lecture EVERYONE that passed my way on the topic and randomly destroy shit out of anger.
Hop over to xoJane to read through it. It's one of the more rational articles on the issue and ticks all the right boxes. And while you're there, there are also another 655 articles on the topic that should be read.

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