June 16, 2013


Ok, there is no holding back anymore - I just want to go to beautiful MEXICO!!!
I have been day dreaming over photos of caves, beautiful beaches and historical sites for months and months on end. It's logged in for 2015, or at least I just decided.
If you're looking for a sweet new travel destination you can drool over or read about, stay right where you are! I will present you with the five most intriguing reasons why you shouldn't slide into your grave before you have visited this beautiful country!

1) The beaches
Yes, yes I understand it is unheard of dreaming of beautiful beaches when I live in a country that is known for its amazing Coastal landscape. BUT in my defense please have a look at below photographs. Can you smell the sun screen or feel the sand between your toes? Picture the tan lines and taste the fresh pina coladas? I can all too vividly imagine all of these things, even whilst wearing pink flanellette pyama bottoms.

2) The historical value
It has always been a life goal to explore ancient ruins leftover by such impressive, mystical and dark cultures as the Mayans were. I have a deep fascination with ancient, intelligent cultures. I can watch hours and hours of documentaries and read into history books until I resemble a crazy hermit professor. To stand in proximity of buildings of enormous historical value and a super mystical aura is most certainly worth a visit.

3) Day of the Dead
It's in October so not the sun-bathing sangria-slurping season anymore, BUT (oh yes, another capital BUT!) wherelse will you find windows full of sugar skulls, flowers and houses full of altars. It's fascinating that in Mexico people have this beautiful tradition where they celebrate the lives of all the loved ones they lost. Isn't it such a more evolved way to deal with an inevitable part of life than the convential Catholic way (that is: mourn your loss at the grave, then re-visit the grave once a year and mourn some more).
Oh yeah. And there supposedly is lots of Tequila.......ayayay

4) Cave diving
Look at it! Just look at the photos! Could you imagine anything cooler? You have to be an experienced diver to hop in one of these "cenotes", because apparently there's a whole heap of deaths every year. But I would be more than willing to get my diver's license (huh, see what I did there?) in order to experience one of these dives. And the question that's been burning on your tongue for the last five minutes shall not remain unanswered: these are all fresh water lakes and cave systems, so no sharks or other underwater besties (speak: giant octopus, box jellyfish, baracudas...)

5) I can buy an authentic luchador mask and wear it while I get drunk off cheap cocktails
NUFF SAID!!!! (all images via google)