June 14, 2013

Grated butter

I think the most frightening prospect at the moment for me is to live a life where I end up in unfullfilling jobs that pay little money and much worse rob me of content. I actually made Dan promise last night that this is not a life we are going to lead.

When I was 17 I got a massive, colourful and bright tattoo on my right calf and while I loved the shock value and "unfeminine" size of it, I also proclaimed that it would be stamped on my body for "boring-adult" - preventative measures.

It's safe to say I have slid halfway down a comfortable full time job/less partying/bill paying/responsible path since fully moving out from home. This surprisingly seems to dawn on me whenever I watch a John Hughes movie. Damn you truth unveiling 80ies.

So there are a few modest things I would like to do with myself in the next decade or so of my life, before babies and the likes become a reality:

There is obviously a finacial aspect to be taken into consideration but I tell you it is all about prioritising. I see a large part of the internet community enviously admiring people's travel posts and inquiring about their source of income, all while exclaiming that your average person cannot afford to live a life like that. When I went travelling three years ago I was a student, I had worked full time for three short months and saved my pennies, all while still having an awesome summer. Then I went off for 9 months, I worked sporadically or cleaned hostel bathrooms in return for free accommodation. It wasn't anything glamorous and yet so much more meaningful than any prestigious job I could think of. I lived off coffee, cigarettes, carrots and adventure. But even with steady work and this thing called responsibility travel isn't impossible. In the last three years, Dan and I have managed to go overseas once every twelve months at the very least. It's doable as long as you don't get sidetracked by every sale at your local mall and make time for it. The fact I want to see my family at least once a year helps with saving up for flights. Obviously, duuuhh.
On top of the travel bucket list are:


Watch this space for millions of ab photos. No seriously. I am getting my butt kicked every week by my PT and the results are finally creeping up on me. To be honest I really just appreciate the fact that I can now last a full 45 mins of doing squats in every kind of variation evil people could possibly come up with. Yay me.

And still kick along in a relationship that is much more amazing than anything I could have imagined myself to be in. I spent 10 minutes touching his face last night and had the best time of my life. If that doesn't express my level of affection then I don't know.

An epiphanie I have been longing to have for seemingly a lifetime now. Hurry up life purpose! Thou shall surface immediately! I keep inhaling Penguin Classics in the hopes of discovering my sole purpose of existence between the lines of Wilde and Bronte and Kafka and Goethe. I shall notify YOU first if I succeed. And then whack a patent on the idea.

What about you? What preventative measures do you have in place in order to avoid becoming a miserable, boring adult in an office job?

Or are you perfectly content with this prospect? No judgement. I envy you if you do. There is nothing I strive towards harder than being content. So yeah. Unrelated selfie. Good bye.