June 24, 2013

Feminist Taylor Swift

I am just in love with this. Hopefully one day Taylor Swift realizes how strongly she promotes mysogyny and slut-shaming in her lyrics. And seriously, someone who preaches about the importance of keeping ones innocence and virginity locked up tightly, but then goes out and does Jake Gyllenhaal amongst other hunky humans can't really be taken for reals in her role of spokesperson for 21st century young females. Aaannd breath.
What are you saying? Jealous much? I sure would give more than an arm and a leg to do stuff to Donnie Darko. But I still don't respect the Swift.
 Hey Taylor, how about you stop idolising the 'young caucasian male love interest' on the cost of 'the other girl' and write a song that doesn't promote women-bashing? How about you write about how immoral it is to have two partners at a time who both think they are in an exclusive, monogamous relationship? Maybe you could include a passage in one of your catchy choruses about one of these girls contracting herpes from their cheating boyfriend and how they don't know that they can sue his ass for grief bodily harm?  The other one could get pregnant and both could be called whores by society, while the boyfriend in question is a so-called 'stud'. You could then come in and pay for a proper lawyer for these girls and tell them all about their legal rights, then ride into the sunset with them empowered as hell, all while STD riddled boyfriend is left behind in the rain with a lawsuit coming his way.
What do you think? Surely a Taylor Swift song I would like to hear.