November 10, 2012

November 10th: On home improvement

...or more "conforming" to the conventional nesting instinct.
It's such an adult thing to do. And yet, it's quite an interesting development.

Being a former clothes and accessory super hoarder and amateur interior designer, who turned into a backpacking hobo by choice and ended up as a sometimes semi-responsible adult, I am still unsure as to where I stand in terms of my nesting instinct.
I still have days where I would like to sell all my belongings and just live out of an Aldi plastic bag.

Reason enough for me to be utterly fascinated with people who like to spend all their money and spare time on activities and stuff classified as "home improvement". What a stressful name. I mean, you can ALWAYS improve your home, there is no end to this. And that's exactly why this industry is doing so well. Because they always sneakily invent things that will seemingly improve our homes and therefore inevitably our lives. Ikea, I am pointing my finger at your Swedish goodness.
I bought a spice rack two months ago in the hopes I would become the shit in the kitchen and it is yet to be washed and used. Oh yeah, and I am still a shitty cook.

There is one thing I want from my home and that is practicality. I can't think of anything worse than an impractical kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. I need storage, lots of it, and I need doors on my cupboards. The idea of an open walk in cupboard seems very exciting in theory, but considering the mess I sometimes create searching for that one particular black singlet when I am already late for work, makes me think it would just not work out. But other than that, I am happy to just have a basic interior, basic furniture and not a whole lot of decoration. Of course I sometimes get the feeling that without an antique, Mediterranean-inspired boudoir my life is incomplete. But then again, who even has the time to even enjoy furniture? Or ceramic unicorns? Or sugar skull flower pots?

So my question to you is: Are you a home improvement fanatic? Can you walk past typo without feeling like a skull shaped diary for 2013 is going to make you be on time for every single one of the millions of social events you are going to attend? Do you have a theme for every one of your rooms?
Do you love being at home? Is your home reflecting your identity?


Do you prefer saving your pennies for a flight to Japan? Do you feel like the only use of your home is to have a place to sleep, eat and watch telly for free? Are feelings of anxiety in regards to packing a tiny suitcase for a 6 week trip a foreign concept for you?

To stimulate your brain in order to make a decision on your particular nesting type, here is some pretty amazing furniture that could just be awesome enough to change your mind.

All pictures and products via The Yard Kuwait