November 03, 2012

November 3rd: Barbara C. Pellegrino

Oh hi there.
Glad meeting you here.
Today I am going to talk about my bed side table. No, really! Wait. WAIT! Where are you going?

Ok, it's not so much about my bedroom furniture, as it is about the crystals I keep on it. As far back as I can remember, mum always used to put quartz and other crystals in our tap water back home. I always thought it made it taste heaps better, I even remember sometimes seeing little oxygen bubbles forming around the crystals.

Anyway, since I usually suffer from tension or stress headaches, I thought it would be a good idea to accumulate a bunch of crystals and put it next to my bed, in order to support having a good rest at night.
The power of crystals may be speculated upon, but to be honest I just think they have an extremely calming effect on me and I like the look of them.
I sometimes catch myself just looking at amethyst domes for 10 minutes straight with a deep fascination. Yeah man....not even a pretty pair of shoes captures my attention for that long.
It's just the fact that they completely produce themselves, that there is nothing manufactured about them and that they cannot be copied by humans. It is something completely organic.
So through instagram I stumbled across Barbara C. Pellegrino, who is a jewelry designer and maker. I believe she currently resides in the US, but she is originally from Argentina.

She creates wonderful pieces with semi-precious stones. I remember she sources her stones mostly from Brazil. In any way, I am really keen to get my hands on a couple of pieces. It just seems like the right thing to do, to order from her instead of getting a cheap glass duplicate off eBay. She just puts so much love and attention to detail into her stuff and treats all her followers on instagram with a level of politeness and patience that I would love to honour by giving her some of my hard earned dollars.

The thing is though, she only makes very limited numbers of her stuff and I usually miss out on great creations. Most of the jewelry below were one-offs and are not available anymore, bar the titanium quartz rings (3rd picture). All pictures are taken from BCP's instagram (follow her!). Shop her stuff HERE
I really want one of these
perfect Valentine's Day gift?
these are made to order and are still available.

Yeah, bag 'em up for me
I'm not sure about the wing, but the rest is pretty magnificent