November 06, 2012

November 6th: More big news

Okay, I mightn't have won 100 Million in Oz lotto tonight, but I kind of scored anyway.

As of today I am an Australian permanent resident.

After two long years of feeding personal information to strangers, showing them my wedding photos and Christmas cards and writing the sweetest and most emotional statements on our relationship I can say it is a major relief.

I am happy to have it over with and grateful at the same time.

Anways, I will be keeping up with the blogging a little more consistent. I know, I am such a lazy c-bomb sometimes, but I am still adjusting to this new job. Man, it's weird. Unlike my previous job, this isn't physically demanding, but mentally draining. A whole new thing to get used to I guess.

I have a few new goodies to show you so stay tuned everyone.

PS: Obama for the win!