November 04, 2012

November 4th: Shoe heaven

Oh hey. Happy Sunday everyone.

It's been a while since I praised the greatness of footwear, mainly because I didn't stumble across anything of great interest or "oooo-aaaaa-wwwooooowww" - factor. If you know what I mean. Repeat that previous sentence in a Scouse accent please. 'If you know wo(t) I mean'

These photos are all taken via Sydney based blog supreme Little Black Book. Go check out the blog, it's one of the best I've come across in my time in terms of fashion reviews and personal style.

But back to the shoes.
Diane von Furstenberg is a magician, no doubt. Her clothes are divine, but the sandals and platforms are driving me insane. This is from the Palazzo Spring 13 collection. Have a look.

Platform, you are dead. No, just jokes. But I like this.The chain detail up the back of the heel is so fraiche! PS: It also functions as the ankle strap. Heureka!

space cowboy flatform extravaganza

it's hard to draw one's attention away from what I take is a gown hand sequined by angels, but please, please, look at this pale pink version of the chain sandals, here with the ankle strap visible. I mean. I mean. I mean. Ugh.

space cowboy side view. And the clutch!!!

In case you can't see DVF seems to have attached to a shoe what usually can only be found on Santa's sleigh. They look like little Christmas bells. I wonder if they make a sound. If so, even better.

Can't wait seeing all different fashion bloggers either a) frantically getting their hands on some of these or b) ignoring them all together.
You know how that stuff works.