November 29, 2012

November 29th: Road trippin

While I am swamped with work and trying desperately to remember all this information people flood me with (Note to self: Be less dramatic!), I am dreaming of Route 66 road trip madness.

I'm talking LA to San Fran to Las Vegas. Miles and miles of desert and scavengers picking away at roadside cattle corpses. I am talking Grand Canyon. I am talking bar fights in road houses. I am talking Lana del Rey blasting from the shitty rental car radio. I am talking getting hilariously drunk and then ending up in a Native American's wigwam.

Feeling a little adventurous.

Instead I am going to Melbourne in two weeks (just as good if not better than a Route 66 road trip!), and I am stocked as a goat. Yes, this terminology exists.

Anywhoooos, as if this was pinterest or some shizz here are some road trip inspirations. Just to have you all covered.