November 14, 2012

November 14th: Hair issues

Regrowth, how I detest you.
Almost as much as sitting at the hairdresser's, wasting hours of my life staring compulsory at my own reflection in an extremely unflattering mirror (did I see WRINKLES? WTF?) while trying not to dig all ten of my fingers into my scalp to soothe the itch all the peroxide causes.

And then the constant arguments over cutting my split ends, me explaining to them that I don't want any of my split ends cut off, that they symbolize a triumph over a life of medium-long hair that has finally evolved into long hair and that if they don't put those scissors down RIGHT NOW I will leg it without paying.

Why can't I just be 6 years old again and have platinum blonde classified as my natural hair colour. Unlike now, where blonde is my "natural" hair colour.

Adulthood, you suck on so many levels. Honestly, what where you thinking? Creeping up on me like should be ashamed of yourself.

Anyway, here are examples for the look I am going for. Slag blonde. No fringe though.

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