November 27, 2012

November 27th: As long as there's blood

...or: What are you watching at the moment?

Are you into gore? Boobs? Both? Into supernatural scary stuff? Zombies? I repeat, ZOMBIES?

Zombies are awesome. Let's face it. They are scary enough to give me the creeps and slow enough that in a possible future Zombie apocalypse I would still have a chance of survival. It makes me get my hopes up, you know. Zombies also drop all their intestines onto you if you cut them open. Quite the show, I tell you. Quite the show...

I haven't seen "Dawn of the Dead" or "Day of the Dead" or any other awesome Zombie movie (besides Zombieland. I mean.Bill Murray Awesome!), but I have started taking a fancy to "The Walking Dead".

Season one was pretty cool but I kind of skipped season two. Now that I am back into it Dan and I are constantly theorizing over plausible Zombie apocalypse survival plans. We have a man hole in our house, which would be ideal to hide in because no Zombie could reach and crawl in. We would store food and weapons up there and maybe some smelly compost to roll around in in a totally non-frisky-weird related way, but more as a "kill that beautiful human flesh scent"-method.

So yeah... The Walking Dead. Freaking awesome. I should probably read the comic books sometime soon!