January 22, 2011

Here's to

my favourite Swed, Lykke Li, who I'm obsessed with and who is just plain beautiful and talented in a very special kind of way.
I'm very much looking forward to her new record (out on February 28). She said in an interview that she was getting tired of being the "sweet Indie-Child Pin-up", so she changed her looks and her sound, which is now inspired by "Voodoo, Sex and and Heartbreak".
Noone can deny that change, when first hearing and seeing the single "Get some" of "Wounded Rhymes".
Lykke Li's blonde mane had to make way for a dark brown, longer version and it seems she's ready to show more flesh.
Wether or not I'm too happy about latter - I guess time'll show. There's nothing wrong with a nipple showing once in a while, but if I could I'd definitely advise her to take it easy on the seethrough stuff. Flesh always means less credibility, or who of you still thinks of Britney Spears as a classy lady after seeing her goddamn labias?

Anyways, here's what I originally wanted to post about - another one of Lykke Li's weird, sort of mysterious Videos, named "Untiteld".